Chumporn, Thailand
10° 30' N 99° 9' E
May 20, 2006 04:25
Distance 163km

Text written in: English

broken bones, broken dreams

Hey all, this is the moment you have all been waiting for, the first epic of the trip


the day started off well, kinda well.

After a scary tuk-tuk ride in the rain we managed to catch up with an a/ced bus that took us to Chumporn (chum-pawn, not chum-porn).  we got there at 2:00 and decided that we would take a 6 hour midnight boat o KohTao (local island) instead of paying an extra $6 and taking a faster speed boat.  So we chiled at a bar for a bit then around 7:00 went off to try to find a night market for food.  Here is where the epic begins.  While walking in the rain, aja tripped over a chunk of metal in the ground and bailed hard.  She ripped her pants, cut a couple big gouges in her leg and her 2nd last toe was pointing at a 45 degree angle.

hmm.... that's probaly not good we thought

so after a couple seconds of freakin out she popped in back into place and we hobbled back to the bar.

She was in quite a bit of pain and we both werén't looking foreward to spending th enight on an unconvered boat in the pouring rain.  so we decided to spend th enight and got a cheap room for only 100 baht ($3)

here's another problem, it is saturday, the banks are closed, and we don''t have any money

hmmmmm......that's probaly not good either

so we managed to convince the owner to start us a tab and then we would pay them tomorrow when we found a currency exchange.

after a couple big beer to drown our misery, we crashed hard in bed

woke up the next morning, we may have started off witha  beer but i can't remember, paid our bill, caught a pick up truck to the ferry and it was all good....kinda