Chumpon, Thailand
10° 30' N 99° 9' E
May 22, 2006 04:34
Distance 163km

Text written in: English

The gong show begins....

So we left Khiri Khan via scariest pickup ride ever through no man's land.  I was convinced that our wallets were being taken for a ride, but apparently it was some kind of random short cut.  Then we took an a/c bus to Chumpon which is the jumping point for the Gulf of Thailand.  The first night that we were there, we were walking around trying to find the night market for some eats when I completely bailed on some rusty old iron thing (good thing I renewed my tetanus shot!). When I scraped my face off of the pavement, I looked at foot and realized that my second to last toe on my right foot was bent at about a 60 degree angle over acroos my pinky toe.  So this is when I started freaking out.... eventually with a little grunt work, I popped (loud pop) it back into place and we went on our way.  I also got two huge gashes along my thigh, my knee and shredded my pants.  But, it looks like it was just dislocated because although it is purple and black the whole way down and the size of a tiny kielbasa, it seems to be healing fine.  We washed out all the other wounds and treated them with anitbiotics just in case.  So instead of taking the night boat, we had to stay overnight and take the expensive boat in the morning which put us WAY over budget for the week but oh well.  We're pk and so it's all good.  The high speed catamaran to Koh Tao was awesome~!  Huge swells, very very rough, my face was covered in salt, it was sweeeeeeettt!  Derek didn't think so, he spent most of the ride beside the trash can.  But then we arrived at Koh Tao (cue angels singing) and it is awesome here... more to come tomorrow!!!

Photos / videos of "The gong show begins....":

My toe, was much worse the nest day, this wabout 5 minutes after the fact my thigh wounds... mmmmmmm... pretty my knee wound Catamaran Catmaran to Koh Tao A little Brokeback cowboy action??