Genac, France
45° 47' N 0° 1' E
Jun 30, 2006 16:04
Distance 5118km

Text written in: English

just on time-mariage

After 5430 km by plane, the douane and long wait, 20 km by RER and metro with a big bagage and interminable stairs, 500 km by train in which I change my clothes for a costume according to the celebration and 30 km by car in the landscape in charente, I arrived finally just on time at 18h to married my best friend in a small village at the middle of the france! It will be pratically impossible at the departure especially because my plane arrive on late and I had a big pent in my left foot... But I did and after 5O hours without sleep I gonna celebrate the unio between to exceptionnel person..I was so exciting that I forgot that I have to sleep!

I don't realise that I was at last in france but I was so happy to review all my friends! It was a beautiful and sunny week end in perspective!

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