Bristol, United Kingdom
51° 27' N 2° 34' W
Apr 29, 2006 16:27
Distance 18km

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A friend Mark who I had done a trek through America in 2001 lives in Bristol so we went there to spend the night and catch up. We met him on the side of the highway with his friend who happended to have a Porshe so the girls were pretty impressed with that.. we followed them into Bristol...we strugged to keep up with them them but we stayed on their tail and got there ok.

We took over Marks house with all our bags, straighting irons, girly stuff and baking then headed to the supermarket to get some drinks for the night. Kat offered to make a punch.... and made a concuxion in one of Marks big pots....then we all sat leaning over the pot drinkiing out of straws!.

That night Mark and his friend Conrad took us out clubbing in Bristol...first club we went to had random girls pole dancing wearing next to nothing which they were loving....but us girls.... we werent we convinced him there had to be somewhere better!!! he pulled through and took us to a couple of different clubs, organised a drinking kitty.. and we had a good night.

The next day we went to an american diner for breakfast... but a banana milkshake and english breakfast didnt do much for the hangover... so we agreed that Mark would drive around and we would follow to see the sights of Bristol. It was a really beautiful place and definitely worth a trip back.

He took us back out on to the highway where we said good bye...then made our way to Brighton.


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Me and Kat Lana and Laura Me and Mark Sheree, Kat, Laura Kat, Lans, Me Me and Kat Group shot in Bristol the tour leader Mark Bristol scenery Scenery Scenery Beautiful trees