Rotorua, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
38° 0' S 176° 0' E
Sep 23, 2006 07:18
Distance 138km

Text written in: English


On the journey to Rotorua we stopped off at the town were they filmed the shire in Lord of the Rings, we didn't have time to see the shire itself and just continued on.

Rotorua is a smallish town in the centre of a massive volcanic crater, as a result there are hundreds of natural heated mineral all over the place. The first night in we headed to a Maori village and they performed traditional dances as well as the Haka which was pretty intimidating even from five rows back. After the performances and the telling of their history we had a tradionally cooked Maori meal, it was very nice and as it was buffet style you could eat as much as you wanted. We headed staright to the bar after we got back and it turned into a pretty heavy night and watched some of the Premiership live.

The next day we went white-water raftinag on the local river, the river includes the highest comercially rafted waterfall in the world. The 7 metre drop was awesome (see im speaking NZ style bro) but the rest of the river was pretty tame in comparison to what I did in Tennessee 

Because of the Volcanic activity Rotorua smells pretty bad like egg and Mayo and it was even worse the next morning when we stopped off at the Geiser, this is the place were volcanic activity is greatest and there were some cool plumes of steam coming from the rock formations as well as boiling mud pools.

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