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May 26, 2006 17:49
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London and Scotland the Brave

Since I didnt really do all that much in either place I thought I would just put London and Glasgow together.
I spent 4 days in London staying in Twickenham - about 25 mins from the centre of London with my friend Jamus. I really only went to London to catch up with people as like with America, I was pretty anti-London before I got there. I'd kind of been there, done that, and wasn't all that impressed so I didn't really care for going there! I must say though, the sun (yes the SUN in LONDON?!?) was out for the first 2 days and I got to see London change from the dreary, depressing city I had seen before to a happy, vibrant place with everybody smiling and stripping off as much as possible. On the downside of this, having lunch in Green Park surrounded by all these pasty white guys with no shirts on made it a little hard to eat! And of course it didnt last long...was pissing down again the last couple of days I was there. I guess my experience in London was better this time, still don't think I could bring myself to live there though! But it was good to see everyone and I pretty much just hung out, wandered around Picadilly, looked at Buckingham Palace, went for a couple of drinks, hit the clubs one night (a big night at that!), and took in a broadway production - The Blue Men Group. I dont know if anyone has seen this but let me tell u, it was possibly the strangest production I've seen, very trippy indeed! And I'm still trying to figure out what it was all about...but it was interesting to say the least!

Then it was off on my 8 and a half hour journey (mind you it was only 55mins on the plane but by the time I travelled to and from the airports it took that long! Thats what I get for buying cheap tickets!!) to Glasgow in Bonnie Ol' Scotland. It was a short visit, I wish I had more time to do the highlands and see the coos! I stayed with my mums cousin which was really nice, especially the home cooked meals!! Mmm. I just spent the days wandering round and doing a bit of shopping. I also went to visit my grandmas brother and sister, good to see them again. I was really lucky with the weather again in Scotland and it was beautiful and sunny every day! I really like Glasgow though and love the Glaswegian's almost like a different language, even I was having a bit of trouble understanding them ;)

So after my whirlwind trip it was back to London for 1 night (thanks for the bed Grover :P) before getting my flight out to the land of Orange clothed stoners!

Photos / videos of "London and Scotland the Brave":

Buckingham Palace Guard at Buckingham Palace (I swear I saw a smile!) Green Park River Thames, westminster bridge?? Me n Jamus Covent Garden Clubbing - gotta love the where are my glow sticks?? Glasgow Street Bagpipe Busker Mums cousin Margaret & Joe My great Auntie Margaret and Uncle Cormack with their grandson Michael Great Uncle Seamus and Auntie Margaret Mark n James