Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Mar 02, 2006 09:00
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Rio de Janeiro

The time in Paris went pretty fast.

I had a window seat and it just looked stunning around Paris. All small villages with their lights - it was just beautiful. Unfortunately there are no pictures.

The flight to Rio will be 11 hours and again I have a window seat. The machine was a Boing 747-400 (2 floors). I was sitting in the 2nd floor - great view. By the window was a little bench with gave the option to put stuff in it or to put my legs on it - it made it very comfortable. The movies - good movies though they were all in French or Portuguese. Only English subtitles - if I just had learned Portuguese in Jersey :-)

The flight is done - 11 hours by Air France from Berlin via Paris to Rio the Janeiro. As we departed the aircraft a hit of warm air - 6 am and already 25 grad Celsius. With no Spanish and just a piece of paper with the name of the hotel I took a taxi from the Airport which cost me about 29 Reals (which is about 14.50 US$). I stayed at the Imparial Hotel which is located in the center of Rio - so far great.

Arrived in the Hotel - lucky me my room was ready (8 am), made myself fresh and then didn't really know what to do with myself. Everybody was telling me don't go anywhere alone, just in groups etc. So what to do? I did my "Must Do - Calls" to my parents and booked a tour for the afternoon - I was a real tourist !!!

I booked a "Corcovado & Tijuca Forest" Tour (the one with the Jesus Figure) for the afternoon. I was the first pick-up and lucky me I went along with the driver very well. We were talking in half English-Half Spanish and at the end he suggested to book the "SugarLoaf & City" Tour for today, because there are clouds up the hill and I weren't be able to see anything. - So I changed.

Pao de A├žucar - Sugarloaf was great. It is actually another smaller hill with a very good view over Rio, the Copocavana Beach, the Ipanema Beach and the Ponte Rio-Niteroi Bridge. Afterwards we drove through Downtown with the old market and the St Sebastian Cathedral.

The next morning I went for the "Corcovado & Tijuca Forest" Tour and yes the hill was clear from clouds. It just was amazing to see this statue with 36m high and 29m wide; and the view of Rio. On the way we drove through the Tijuca Forest which was re-forest 30 years ago. Before there were only Coffee plants. (I am sure it would have been cheaper just to go their by bus, but had no clue from the city or anything else.)





Ich bin seit 11 Stunden unterwegs und ziemlich muede. Ich hatte einen Nachtflug mit Air France von Berlin ueber Paris nach Rio. Meine Reise mit Exodus startet erst am 4. Maerz, da es aber schon ein Treffen am 3. gibt und ich auch was von Rio sehen moechte bin ich schon 2 Tage eher gekommen.

Ich bin um 6 Uhr frueh angekommen und es waren schon 25 C - unglaublich, ich habe garnicht so leichte Sachen mit mir mit.  Am Anfang was es schon ein wenig schwer. Jeder erzaehlt mir - geh nicht allein aus usw. da weiss man doch nicht gleich was und wie zu machen. Die anderen  werde ich erst in 2 Tagen treffen so hab ich mich fuer 2 Touren entschieden - "Downtown City Tour & Sugar Loaf" und "Tijaca Forest & Jesus Figur". Nicht schlecht gewesen.

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