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Nov 12, 2002 21:21
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Hollydrood Castle

Tuesday November 12, 2002 Edinburgh

Our B&B, the Kenvie Guest House at 16 Kilmaurs Road is fine, although up a couple of flights of long stairs. It seems most of our rooms on this trip were on the third floor! Wait till we have to the 96 steps up to our fourth floor Paris garret! Dorothy Vidler, our host is delightful and most helpful. There is a nice cat lurking about.

We returned the car to Avis.

We had a so-so lunch at Carisa's mentioned in Rich Steves. I ordered a ham sandwich that turned out to be a spam like substance! It was like mush! Susan's sandwich was cheddar and chutney was fine. (She had ordered cheddar and pickle!) Since it was just up from Hollyrood Castle where the queen stays when visiting Edinburgh, we took the 45 minute tour. Very impressive, even on a horrid dark grey afternoon. We walked around inside the open air ruins of an abbey. It is so moist in this area that all the rock walls were covered in green moss or fungus.

We decided to hike up the Royal Mile a bit. We purchased an English series of Christmas stamps as a souvenir. At another shop we found a few ornaments and at yet another, a decent selection of Mackintosh items. I purchased some ear rings and a pendant for Susan for holiday gifts. [Note: I stashed them in my EagleCreek backpack so I wouldn't loose them and have them with me all the time. Returning to Chicago, I, for the life of me, could not find them! I must admit I have a lot in that backpack in numerous pockets. I wasn't unit mid summer of 2003 that I came across them and gave them to Susan for her birthday.]

We walked quite a distance up the Royal Mile hill and discovered the Barioja Tapas Bar at 19 Jeffrey Street near the river. [Tel: 0131 557 3622, Website: www.eatdrinkedinburgh.co.uk, Email: barioja.iggs.rest@altavista.net] The waitress was very Spanish and as thin as a string bean. The place had a very modern – chic atmosphere with its clean candle lit interior in a tiny store front. In the center of the floor was a spiral staircase to the kitchen and second serving area. I didn't write about the tapas, but did note that desert was a pudding the color and consistency of pate. It is next to IGG, a classy Spanish restaurant, that is owned by the same company.