Salta, Argentina
24° 46' S 65° 24' W
Feb 06, 2006 03:00
Distance 1271km

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Salta is a sweet city.  What was suppose to be a couple of days turned into five.  A good nightlife, 80 cents for a big hamburger and fries, or $3.50 for a huge steak meal brought to you on a sizzzzzzzzling skillet.  Highlights were- Meeting Swedish Argentines who embraced Nik, a casino where you can spend 3 hours and manage to only win or lose 10 bucks, an awesome hostal with a grip of international peeps.  Lowlights- Nik getting sick and yaking his brains out for a day, being less than productive during the days, the smell of Luke's feet.

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one hot meal for 3 bucks figure it out giraffe nik carnivore luke