Rotorua, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
38° 0' S 176° 0' E
Jan 04, 2006 04:48
Distance 40km

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Fun times at Jon and Nicky's

We said goodbye to Amanda and Bryan and drove to Rotorua to stay with Jon and Nicky for 4 nights. Much fun and laughter ensued; mainly the result of bad karaoke. We had a BBQ, went to a maori hangi and show, spotted a kiwi, drank a lot more beer, went to the lake, saw some boiling mud.

Photos / videos of "Fun times at Jon and Nicky's":

Tony Hunt totem pole in Rotorua Maori carving Galen checking out some native flora Galen, Steph and Dave feeding rainbow trout Don't run over a kiwi! Soaking our tired feet in natural hot water Rotorua is a geothermal hotspot Steamy Galen Relaxing on the deck A pukeko! Dave, Galen and Nicky testing the water at Lake Tarawera. Stan, Nicky and Jon's cat Holly and Molly. Ha! Maori welcome Maori hangi - meat and vegetables cooked in the earth Galen and Dave - rappers extraordinare Steph and Nicky belting out some tunes Seriously, karaoke is addictive!