Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3° 10' N 101° 41' E
Jan 27, 2006 10:16
Distance 124km

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Kuala Lumpur

We arrived in the capital late in the afternoon, and we were welcomed by a headhunter of the Wheelers guesthouse. As we considered to stay there anyway, we followed him and took a room. The hostel is in the middle of China Town (like in most places in Malaysia), which is not necessarily the cleanest and nicest place in KL.

As we routinely do, we went straight to the food stalls to grab some noodles. There were people and cars everywhere, on the streets, off the streets, oustide the shops and inside the shops. Apart from that just the occasional rat and cockroach...All in all, lively and smelly and a bit overwhelming at first... 

Later that evening we met Nina, a 24 year old German girl, and exchanged stories...She woke us up the next morning with two tickets for the Petronas Tower (the highest building in the world...woaahhhhh). We went up to the skybridge about half the hight of the towers with a magnificient view. However, the best thing was Olga being scared of heights and I had to drag her onto the bridge... (olga: sorry but it was 247m high and below you... a big gap...). We later met up with Nina at the Buka Caves, an important Hindu Temple on the outskirts of KL where Olga got bitten by some nasty mosquitos and had bites the size of an egg. (first they were red, then dark purple and then yellow!!!)

The next day, we just did the usual sightseeing (Museum of Malaysian history, Jamek Mosque, etc...) and went to the cinema (yes!) in the evening to watch the "Memoirs of a Geisha"... (not bad...) 

All in all, Kuala Lumpur is a bustling and somewhat chaotic city, full of life (and cars). But we guess that in the end it is not that special... 

To be continued... 

Photos / videos of "Kuala Lumpur":

Is it Olga or maybe Shiva? Oh no, that's Shiva (or not...) Struggling with the sticks? The Sky Bridge (loved by some feared by others...) Oh god, I will die.... View from the top Another view from the top Bustling KL Textiles....nice colours... The Jamek mosque in KL Olga and Nina converted to Islam lost??? just some nice flowers a cow with 5 legs at Buka caves Three amigos...