Scotland, United Kingdom
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Dec 30, 2005 21:54
Distance 25km

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St Andrews

Raymond, Donny, Jacquie and I thought it'd be great to get away for a night.. so we headed up to St Andrews in Fife to stay at the luxurious 5 star Hotel! 

It was all going really well until we ordered lunch... Raymond took a bite out of his cajun chicken sandwich and was about to go in for another when a rather sizeable shiny black spider crawled out from the hole where his last mouthfull had been.. tasty!! We complained.. but they were appalling and left us waiting for hours before we gave up and went for a swim.  Anyway to cut a long story short.. we eventually got compensation as we had our stay for free! Still.. I won't be eating in that Hotel again!

That night we had dinner at a lovely restaurant called the Ivy Leaf.. it was very secluded .. hidden in down an allyway.. just off South Street.  The food was delicious! We headed over the road to the Gin House for a few drinks after that.. great night!

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Raymond & Jacquie fi & donny (st andrews bay)   farrelly  jacqs me donny & jacquie fi & raymond donny & jacquie mondo & fi   showing them how it's done don and jacs The old dog fi & jacquie and again incredibly strong jacquie big bear & blondie dancing jacqs & fi me & raymond Raymond, Jacquie & Donny hmmm Raymond, me & Donny best buds jacs, me and eh.. raymond raymond and donny donny 500 miles jacquie and again dancing me & Donny me & jacquie 4 drunken stooges donny hungry bear