Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Dec 28, 2005 21:50
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Craig & Joanne's Wedding

Craig & Joanne's Wedding was held in a church in the southside of Glasgow, and then we all headed down to Ayr for the reception that was held at Ayr Racecourse.


Photos / videos of "Craig & Joanne's Wedding":

Raymond craig & joanne entering reception  craig & joanne entering reception The boys (.. Craig, Donny, Craig & Stuart) Jaquie, Raymond & Donny raymond with a sparkler Craig & Joanne Me & Stu Craig & Joanne's names in lights! fireworks fireworks The girls & Craig Craig & Craig Final Dance Cutting the cake Cutting the cake Cutting the cake Final Dance Final Dance Craig, strutting his stuff Me & Raymond Bride & Groom Dancing Bride & Groom Dancing Bride & Groom Dancing Dancing