Masinigudi, India
11° 33' N 76° 39' E
Jan 23, 2006 23:30
Distance 83km

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Jungle Retreat

We arrived in Masinigundi in the afternoon after a bit of a drive thru the jungle to reach our next hotel which is actually named "Jungle Retreat". This place is literally in the middle of the jungle and is nestled between mountains, so the views are amazing. On the big rules board at the front of the hotel is says that your not allowed to go walking out by yourself and that "survivors will be prosecuted". This place was amazing, it was a total backpackers haven and you even had the choice of sleeping in a treehouse, however we were in a hostel type group room with our entire group, but it wasn't bad at all!

We quickly changed into our swimsuits (well just bra and underwear for Hannah since she seems to have lost her's!) and jumped in for a very refreshing and great swim at the pool. The water was nice and cold but it was great considering how hot it was outside. After our swim we had one of the best meals of the trip and our first taste of western food in quite a while, it was a welcome change.

Then it was turn for our jungle safari type tour. We pile into open air jeeps and headed out all excited to see animals, however the only animals we ended up seeing was a bunch of elephants at the local "washing river" on our way to the safari. The elephants were really great, they weren't wild ones and were trained but we got up right close to them and took tonnes of pictures of them bathing and doing work. The little one just wanted to play in the water and splash around rather then getting a good bath. While we were there we got to see some monkey playing around (quite cheeky getting into everyones laundry and hanging off electrical lines. The only other interesting thing was a local homeless person that had obviously doing his gig for quite a while cause he got to the point...."Hello....MONEY" was all that we said to us for ten min straight until we left.

Anyway we got into the bus for our drive thru the safari park and saw absolutely nothing other than a couple wildboars and a pea-hen (femal peacock). It was pretty pointless but a nice drive none the less (keep in mind the bus made more noise than a herd of angry elephants so no wonder we didn't see anything!).

On our way back we checked out a elephant feeding station and then made our trek back in the open air jeeps. This was one of the best parts of the day since we all just stood up in the jeeps and let the wind rip thru our hair and we took in the scenery of the sunset and some local deer.

Back at the retreat we got ourselves ready for another amazing meal (which included steak) and some drinking/fooseball and a good ol' game of Rummikub (yes they have Rummikub in India!).

Photos / videos of "Jungle Retreat":

The breathtaking view from our bathroom! (Made for a peaceful shower!) The national bird of India - Peacock! Elephant in the Sunset No Erectile Dysfunction here either (boy I'm getting a lot of work done) Baby Elephant being fed Monkey! Elephants coming to the water Beautiful River Me and the elephants Wash those elephants! Baby elephant having fun at bath time Baby Elephant and his Mahoot Elephant being washed by his Mahoot Elephant ridden by Mahoot (trainer) Bath time Indian Elephant Bath time Monkeys all over the place The Nilgiri Mountains The scenery! The Pool at our Retreat The building we stayed in Breathtaking! Poolside View Playing Rummikub with peter our Guide Hannah and the Elephants! Baby Elephant Again That looks relaxing So cute Again
The Pool... ahhhh [image]