Mendoza, Argentina
32° 53' S 68° 48' W
Nov 17, 2006 14:45
Distance 467km

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Mendoza - The City Of Wine & Good Olive Oil

To Mendoza we arrived also after 10 Hours Mas o Menos from Cordoba, Shahar had the luck to sit neer nice Argentinian girl, but because he is Shay and stupid he didn't take adventage of this situation.

After we arrived to the Terminal, we went to a close hostel, and put our staff. of course Ur went to sleep after the night drive, and Shahar Aviv and Me went to see the city a little bit. we went to the Plaza and to the Turist Information, to see what there is to do in the city.

Mendoza is located in side of part of the "Cordillra Ands" (the Ands Mountains), The city is "very" close to the Highst mountain in all the west side of earth, and of course in south america - The Aconcagua 6959 meter. 

Here (In Mendoza) located also lots of wineris, and olive oil makers - 70% Mas O Menos of the wine prodacation in Argentina is here in this Province.

The First Intresting thing we did is to go to the Wine And Olive oil tour, in this tour we went to 2 winerys (YEKEV), and one Olive oil small Factory. We teasted Lots of good wines, but i am not a big fan of wine so i can't jujde truely. But one thing i can say is that this is the first time in south America i found Good Olive Oil - so we bought it and make a salat for dinner to test it. (And it was realy good).

The Story about my friend Gar, and the rock climbing In Cacheuta - Is in the next Entry, go there realy good Photos.

The day after the wine tour we (only Shahar Aviv And Me) went to the big Park in Mendoza, to see the view point of the city. in the way we found Small TRAKTORONIM that cost just 1 peso for a round so me and Aviv did like 3 rounds till it was enough. After long walk we arrived to the top of Cerro Gloria and the view point of the city, it was nice but not more. of course in the way back we eat in the great ice cream near the Plaza.

After almost a week in Mendoza in the Hostel of Raul - Todo Bien? - we had enough and we dicided to go to Chile, to Santiago.

The Photos From Havana is For Ariel Sasson.


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The Park De Bodegas