Potosí, Bolivia
19° 35' S 65° 45' W
Apr 19, 2006 22:43
Distance 150km

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The Mines - In the highest city in the World

We arrived to Potosi (the highest city in the world, about 4000 meter above sea level) aftrer very bad drive that we almost died when the bus almost fliped.

We find A hostel in the middle of the night and go to sleep immedietly.

At the morning we go out to see the mines, and the miners.  we took a guide and rent spciel clothes to enter the mines. 

In the mines it is very hard to brith because of the highgt and the poisen gases in the mines.  it is very hard to see this bolivian men works about 10 hours a day in this place, it is very difficult job.

After we finished the tour we go stright back by bus to LA PAZ, but that not before i lost my Purse.

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Sasson And Dana before the mines Me All the group The workers Sasson and me Pacha Mama The Dynamite The Group me Sasson