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Jan 12, 2006 11:23
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Lazy day under the sun

Don't expect much in my message today cause we spent most of our day relaxing on the beach in Coral Bay. I think we needed a good rest, lazyness here is floating around and it easily gets to you.

We had a good night sleep compare to what I was expecting. The heat didn't really bother me and with my mosquito net it was perfect. It rained a lot during the night, the typical tropical rain, really loud, amazing! I hope once I'll be outside to see that.

We left our "amazing" sleeping place this morning and what we have now is so much better! Same price but it is clean, western toilets and air-con!!! It's the low season so they are desperate to get people. The shower is in the toilets, quite typical here, I don't mind now, I'm getting used to it whereas I'll never get used to the squat-type toilet without loo paper. Yes, no toilet paper here but there is always a tap with a hosepipe, that's how they do, great! :-(

It was hotter today than yesterday, didn't think it could be possible. We enquired about prices for doing a boat trip and we found a good deal for 100RM that is 16 pounds, they will take us to Pangkor Laut, it's private, owned by americans and this is where there is this very expensive resort I told you about yesterday (160 pounds a night for the cheapest!). But you are allowed to go around and do some snorkling. There is apparently an amazing bay, we'll see that tomorrow morning.

Here is a link so that you can see a map of this small Island :

Only one road, it would take one hour walking to go around. I read in my guide book that this is where the historic treaty, granting the British entry into the Malay states for the 1st time, was signed. The main and only industry here is fishing and also tourism. We are staying on the west coast where the nicest beaches are. Teluk Nipah is the bay where we are.

Coral Bay is supposed to be the prettiest bay of all on the island, we went there this afternoon, just 5mns walking from where we are, it is really nice but a bit polluted, rubbish on the sand and in the water. We were under the trees, not too hot with a cool breeze :-) The american guy we met yesterday was there having a rest in an hammack so we spent a couple of hours with him. He's travelling on hiw own, so was the english guy we also met, that's quite impressive I have to say.

Rozenn had her first swim, so did my feet! The water is really warm but the dirtyness put me a bit off.

So tomorrow more action, one day of lazyness is enough for us! We should go for this boat trip in the morning and then rent a kayak in the afternoon and explore the tiny islands Pulau Giam and Pulau Mentagor. It should be fun! Exploring the island doesn't seem really interesting, there is a jungle trek to do but it's overgrown and we don't have a machete!!

Our hotel is 2 pounds a night each by the way, so expensive! Petrol is 20 pences a litre, cigarettes 80 pences.

I'm uploading pictures from today and also from days before but with my fabulous legends, you shouldn't be too lost. I haven't put many pictures yet from the places where we stayed but I have put few today. It was so gloomy yesterday that I don't know if it is worth it... I can't wait to go to the swiss inn hotel for the chi-kung course, it should be a proper hotel. I know I shouldn't be that fussy when travelling in Asia but sometimes it is a bit too much.

Don't forget to check Rozenn's blog, more pictures there! And some from the scruffy place where we were yesterday! Lucky you!

Photos / videos of "Lazy day under the sun":

Rozenn on the ferry, that was yesterday Pulau Pangkor from the ferry, that was yesterday too Coral bay The street where our hotel is What a hard life! Coral bay Coral Bay What a hard life! part II That was on tuesday after our trek in the junggle, also look at that beautiful bedroom we had! Sunset on Teluk Nipah bay, you can see Pulau Mentagor You can go to the loo and have a shower at the same time This is where we are staying now, thank god! We have our own chalet on stilts Rozenn in the dirty room, she looks very happy! Rozenn yesterday in Ipoh bus station, you can see the american guy on the right, we didn't know him yet when i took that picture. Our new bedroom, so nice!! :-)